buhhhh I already missed a puzzle I’m super upset and it’s so dumb I literally talked to everyone and checked everything before progressing in the story

it’s 4am and I don’t want to sleep

sometimes my love for certain characters dies down and then when it hits me in the face again I just think “damn, I’m so glad that I’m animu garbage and already have a cosplay of this nerd”




i found the video


Are you shitting me?

this makes me smile every time

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well shit I’m out of space on my 3DS’ SD card sO I GUESS PLvsAA will have to wait one more day so I can go get a physical copy (or maybe just another SD card lol…)


30 Day Mass Effect Challenge

Day 5: Favorite Loyalty Mission 

Grunt: Rite of Passage.

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Three years and ten months - that’s how long it’s been since Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was first revealed in a blaze of glory (and animated trailer). Since then there’s been a second Ace Attorney Investigations game released, a fifth Ace…

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i cant stop thinking about yosuke because he keeps happening, with his EPILOGUE SHIRT AND SMALL HAIRCUT AND SHIT