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The U.S. Theatrical Premiere for K MISSING KINGS at Los Angeles’s The Downtown Independent was such a blast! Thanks to our friends from STARCHILD, especially Mr. Masakazu Morita and Mr. Go Nakanishi! And thank you fans for coming out and showing your love for K!  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, there are still a few theaters that have screenings!  Check the listing to see if there’s one near you!

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  • me:

    I'm so cute

  • me 15 mins later:

    I hate myself

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Handwriting Challenge!

1. Name

2. URL

3. Blog Name

4. Crush?

5. Favorite Color


7. Favorite Band

8. Favorite Number.

9. Favorite drink.

10. Tag 10 people!

(I was bored and once again this is a friendly reminder that my goddamn scanner has no power cord so I’m stuck with my shitty phone camera instead :] :] :] )

okay I’m not actually going to choose 10 people to do this, you guys can do it or not—your choice! :D Have fun!

sOOO I was really dumb and decided to draw all my own RP icons in celebration of my RESURRECTION and this is the entire collection that I have amassed over the last four days

[7/28/14 5:03:01 PM] Raven/Daggers/Astra: I read that as looks like you gays have been busy legault. just fyi

[7/28/14 5:03:05 PM] Fushimington: HAHAHA

[7/28/14 5:03:09 PM] Fushimington: same thing really

[7/28/14 5:03:09 PM] Nik: same thing really

[7/28/14 5:03:11 PM] Nik: LOL

[7/28/14 5:03:12 PM] Nik: BOYFRUIT

[7/28/14 5:03:13 PM] Fushimington: AGAIN

xenoblade said: or you could ARMADS THROUGH ‘EM ALL


… can I borrow armads